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En moet u kunnen programmeren om blockchain toe te kunnen passen? Voor iedereen die van blockchain heeft gehoord, maar nog niet helemaal precies weet wat blockchain is, lanceert de Dutch Blockchain Coalition DBC de Nationale Blockchain Cursus. Webinar Blockchain voor rijksambtenaren.
Blockchain Industry News by Cointelegraph.
While research in shared ledger technology goes back decades, the arrival of the Bitcoin blockchain introduced the first distributed ledger technology that was thoroughly decentralized and resistant to censorship, seizure and collusion. Blockchain technology, in its various manifestations including the Ethereum blockchain and others, is ultimately a global consensus system i.e, it allows people to coordinate and cooperate around a neutral source of information without trusting each other or a central administrator.
Blockchain technology: the next frontier in information technology.
Home / Our services / Blockchain technology: the next frontier in information technology. Blockchain technology: the next frontier in information technology. A blockchain is a decentralized and shared list of records, known as a ledger, that registers transactions made across multiple participants.
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FT Alphaville Jemima Kelly. Blockchain: it really is a tough sell. Desperate times call for selling premium reports via articles that tell people to invest in Tether. Thursday, 25 June, 2020. ASX users urge Australian exchange to delay blockchain project.
Lisk Blockchain Application Platform Lisk.
Get started What is blockchain? What is Lisk? Established in May 2016, Lisk is an open source project focused on blockchain accessibility. Lisk's' ecosystem offers everyone the opportunity to benefit from blockchain technology through developer tools, cryptocurrency wallets, and a vibrant community.
Riot Blockchain, Inc. RIOT.
Riot Blockchain Purchases Additional 15000, Antminers from Bitmain Expanding 2021 Total Hash Rate Capacity Over 3.8 EH/s. Dec 14, 2020. Riot Blockchain Announces 8 MW Pilot Project to Evaluate Latest Generation Immersion Module Technology and Innovative Energy Strategies in Texas.
Interview met IBM: Een permissioned blockchain is voor veel bedrijven beter Bitcoin Magazine.
Tijdens de Dutch Blockchain Week in Amsterdam spraken we met Frans Kempen. Hij is de man die zich bezig houdt met blockchain in combinatie met de supply chain van techgigant IBM. In dit interview spraken we over verschillende toepassingen van blockchain in de real world.
De blockchain: een oplossing voor bijna niets De Correspondent.
Lees het verhaal van Jesse hier terug De oplossing voor bijna niks: de blockchain In de nieuwste aflevering van onze podcast De Rudi Freddie Show: wij horen vaak dat de technologie achter bitcoin, blockchain, zo geweldig is. Dus daar wilden we het over hebben.

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